The management team at Fountainpoint Distribution brings a client-centered approach to each project. Although most projects have been to retail clients, Fountainpoint has a supplier base that could bring value to any potential customer. If there is a need for a vendor to listen and propose various solutions, Fountainpoint can also add value to your organizations procurement needs.

Our Team

Judy Gruenbaum (President): Judy received her law degree from the OSU Law School. She is the brains behind all of the difficult decisions.

Andy Gruenbaum (CEO): Andy handles much of the day-to-day operations and sales. His background is in technology. He received his MBA from Franklin University in the Summer of 1999.

Existing Suppliers: In our nearly 5 years of experience, we have used a variety of suppliers that have performed VERY well. And, when a supplier did not perform to our or our customers standards, we do not work with them again.

Numerous Others: These are members of our “hollywood” style of employees. When a project comes up that meets an individuals talents, we bring them aboard to provide first class service. Although experience levels vary, some have over 20 years of work experience.


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