Large Kitting

Case Study: Customized Maintenance Kits

MannequinKitIn August of 2004, a large retailer contacted Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC with a need to develop a standardized kit of products used to maintain their female mannequins in stores across the county.   The retailer provided a list of the suggested fifteen products and potential suppliers for each product.   Fountainpoint worked with the retailer to find several products that were better suited for mannequins than those that the customer originally recommended.  For example, a hair spray product was replaced with a hair spray that was specifically designed for wigs.

Fountainpoint Distribution was able to provide sourcing, cost quotes and samples for all 15 items to the customer within one week.  After the products were successfully tested at one of the retail outlets, the retailer began ordering and shipping the mannequin maintenance kits to their stores all over the country.  Hundreds of kits have been delivered to the retailer to date and there have not been any quality problems or defects reported.  A recent order for 700 mannequin maintenance kits was delivered within 26 days of receipt of the purchase order.

Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC was able to benefit the customer by:

  • Saving the customer 10% of their original estimate for the cost of the products alone
  • Managing the inventory for the fifteen items sourced from 11 different suppliers
  • Assembling and packing the kits for shipment
  • Providing a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified project manager to ensure a high-quality, cost effective and timely delivered product

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