Case Study: Liaison

During the spring of 2004, a retail customer of Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC was searching for a locker that would allow them to more effectively use their very limited backroom space.

Fountainpoint stepped up on this project and allowed the customer to provide the input that was necessary to create the locker that exactly fit their needs:

  • Fountainpoint brought in sample solutions so that the customer could make a determination of the features they wanted to see in the “trial” locker.
  • Fountainpoint found a local manufacturer to make the locker. And, this manufacturer was also there to help with providing various locking solutions and to provide the additional requirements required by the customer.
  • When the first lockers developed problems in the field, Fountainpoint continued to refine the locker. These changes included better packaging so the locker could more effectively ship through the retailer’s logistics system.  And, it addressed the installation needs brought about by unleveled floors at the retail sites.

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