Rapid Turnaround

Case Study: Stainless Steel Trash Cans

12LiterCanIn April 2005, Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC was contacted by a business partner who required 3,200 trash cans that must meet exact specifications. The trash cans also had to be delivered within forty days. Within three days, Fountainpoint was able to find two different manufacturers that could meet this demand. The quote was provided to the customer within four business days and the purchase order was issued on the fifth day.

Fountainpoint Distribution was the only vendor that was able to provide a cost-effective quote that met the customer’s tight timeline.  The order was placed and the 3,200 cans were delivered on time.  Fountainpoint staff met with the customer to coordinate product preparation, palletizing and transportation requirements.  In this case, Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC added customer value by:

  • Saving the customer $35.00 per can (compared to their previous supplier), for a total savings of $112,000
  • Unpacking the 800 cases of cans and sealing them with tape, as specified, by the customer
  • Palletizing and placing shipping labels on the cans, as specified, by the customer to allow for efficient unloading to a conveyor system
  • The pallets were pre-sorted, per the shipping labels, by final destination and delivered based upon the customer’s schedule
  • Delivering the 45 pallets from Fountainpoint’s warehouse directly to the customer’s distribution center within 25 days of the PO being issued.
  • A quality assurance program, that included sampling, was implemented to ensure that all cans were properly labeled, palletized and shipped on schedule

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