Reverse Logistics

Case Study: Reverse Logistics

During the spring of 2004, a customer of Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC was in need of a more efficient way to redistribute shelving that was the result of store closures.   When Fountainpoint was contacted, there was approximately 40 pallets of shelving material.Of the two companies that provided a proposal for this project, Fountainpoint Distribution had the best overall cost and the best overall features.  These included:

  • Fountainpoint fully took over the warehousing of all the shelving products.
  • Prior to Fountainpoint taking over the project, there was no part numbers for the various shelves and brackets.  Fountainpoint assigned part numbers and provided pictures on each of the items that were available to be ordered by store.
  • Fountainpoint added a punchout site to its Ariba functionality.  This allowed users to go to the website and order the items while keeping everything within the Ariba network.
  • In a one month period during the Fall of 2004, nearly 40 orders were shipped out both in boxes and on pallets.
  • Whenever a store closes, Fountainpoint continues to receive all shelving items.  These items are sorted in preparation to be shipped back out.
  • When the project started, there were approximately 40 pallets of brackets and shelving.  The total pallets being stored now exceeds 120.

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