Total Solutions

A Total Solution

During the spring of 2005, a retail customer of Fountainpoint Distribution, LLC was searching for a particular cart for use in its stores. The cart needed to ship assembled and it needed to be shipped with the necessary storage bins.

Cart051Fountainpoint allowed the customer to pay for the entire order with their Purchasing Card.
Due to a very tight delivery schedule, Fountainpoint point arranged expedited shipping on all carts and bins. Also, the cart manufacturer altered production schedules to make sure Fountainpoint had the unassembled carts in adequate time to meet the retail customer’s schedule.
Fountainpoint assembled and delivered the necessary carts to the customers Distribution Center. Fountainpoint used the customers delivery schedule to ensure West CoasReadyToShipt stores received their carts on the same day as East Coast stores.
Fountainpoint met with the Distribution Center staff to confirm all carts and bins were packaged and shipped correctly.:
Fountainpoint ordered custom boxes and provided custom labeling to meet the customers very specific shipping needs.
Fountainpoint stepped up on this project and provided a complete, hassle-free solution for the customer


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